“Luigi Borrelli” has made the history of Neapolitan tailoring.  A story of people, passion and promise. It was 1928 when Anna , with more than twenty years experience in the art of packaging tailored garments ( in her aunt’s laboratory), inaugurated a small workshop reserved for a restricted number of connoisseurs. Much more than a shop, a place where passion met with excellence. A place where a needle and thread entwined, weaving, gave birth to the intrigue of unique items, the heart of a story that would soon be handed down from mother to son, like any good Italian tradition. An inheritance received by the son, Luigi Borrelli, who with true passion, in 1957 founded the House of Luigi Borrelli. The beginning of a story destined to capture throughout the world, with the charm of the quality and tailoring. In 1987 Fabio Borrelli, Luigi’s son, established the winning business formula. The Luigi Borrelli product took this identity and become a little “object d’art” for the wardrobe of sophisticated connoisseurs. The shirts are manufactured with materials of the highest quality, hand finished by master embroiderers according to age-old tailoring techniques. The third generation has the credit of taking the company into the future, looking for small secrets from the past to move ahead. From 1997 the company started a process of growth geared to brand extension. Tailored garments, outerwear, jeans, knitwear and accessories complete the offerings of the Luigi Borrelli brand, and from this moment became a total look collection. Products are designed with the same quality that have always satisfied the Luigi Borrelli clients. All products are handcrafted in Italy, making the Borrelli production the greatest expression of Neapolitan tailoring and excellence. Luigi Borrelli is the official supplier of the Savoy Family: an excellent testimonial The Luigi Borrelli story and its products are known worldwide. Bespoke shirts, suits, jackets and ties are all made unique by hand stitching. Designed for very sophisticated clients and dedicated to the most well-known personalities. Among the ambassadors of the brand is also the King of Italy Victor Emmanuel III, who distinguished the House of, Luigi Borrelli with the title ” Supplier of the Royal House of Savoy ” by registering the company as supplier No. 16.